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Are you looking for a KEYNOTE Speaker for your next event  ?

If the answer is YES !!

You are in the right space : Rashmi is an engaging key note presenter who can talk about resilience, culture & leadership.

She is also a TEDx speaker, who started her business right in the middle of the pandemic ( no wonder she talks about resilience)

She is leader, not just in her field, but also in the community.

She is an Area Director with Toastmasters International, President of her own club which is based out of Perth, Western Australia

She is a workshops coordinator with Multilingual families , a not for profit organisation that promotes bilingualism

She is volunteer with Dress for success, and runs their signature "First Impressions" workshop.

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Panel Discussion Facillitation

Rashmi enjoys facilitating panel discussions

As much as she enjoys being a panellist herself 

She brings her own charm and adds that personal touch to every  panel discussion she facilitates

Here is a verbatim feedback she received

You definitely struck the right note in the interviews with your questions and interactions, it was exactly what I was looking for.I just wanted to thank you for your participation at the COT today.  You did amazing!!! - Julie D

Watch her facilitating a panel discussion here

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Master of ceremonies

As a "Master of Ceremonies"  you can actually move an audience !

Rashmi has been a MC for several years, she has lead both outdoor and in-person events.

Here ability to adapt to suit the need of the organisers and the energy she brings to the event is super infectious

If you are looking for an engaged audience, throughout your event, you have come to the right place.

Whether it is small event of 10-20 attendees or a large one with a few hundred attendees, Rashmi knows how to spark curiosity and keep the audiences hooked.

To see video clips of Rashmi as a Master of Ceremonies, please click here

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Workshops & Webinars

Rashmi has a proven track record of running interactive and results driven workshops

Rashmi excels at running these 5 interactive workshops(or webinars):

  1. Resume writing & Interview skills
  2. How to entice your audience on Zoom
  3. How to start your business
  4. Financial Literacy, every dollar counts
  5. Time management : how to get stuff done.

All these can be run in person, online or in hybrid modes.

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Podcast Guest

Rashmi has a unique life story.

Besides other things, she has  also conquered her own mental health challenges

When she shares the stories of her life  powerful experience is made live, which leaves her audience inspired

She has been a podcast guest on several national & international podcasts

She gets invited for for audio & video podcasts.

She also runs her own podcast.

Listen to her being a guest in podcasts here

Watch her being a guest in podcasts/talk shows here

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What Other Are Saying

I had the pleasure of attending Rashmi's Resume writing & Presentation skills  workshop. I was struggling with self confidence issues and I also felt the fear of judgement all the time. Rashmi reminded me of my worth, helped me update my resume and gave me practical interview skills. I got a job in the accounts team of a mining company - Ratika

I attended Rashmi's webinar on "How to entice your audience on Zoom" In one hour she shared so many golden nuggets. I  am so very happy with my  progress, I highly recommend her workshops to anyone who is struggling in the online space - Jim