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At Confident Speakers Academy, we provide a range of services


Do you want to be the confident person in the front of the room ?

The answer is YES !! OF COURSE !!

However :

English is not your first language

Your hands and legs shiver at the thought of being in the front the room

You admire people who can speak confidently with all your heart, but never feel good enough to be able to do it yourself

You have a strong fear of judgment & rejection.

You inner dialogue talks to you : What do you know ? Why should anyone listen to you ? You feel like an Imposter !!

Does any of this sound like you ?

You are in the right space : We are here to help. See which of the below services would suit you the best.


Online Consults

The world is our Oyster 

We at Confident Speakers Academy use technology to serve our clients across the globe

Sessions are personalised and are designed to suit your needs

Meet Linda: Linda was struggling in her new role as a manager. She was happy that she is now promoted, however managing teams is totally new to her.

In her six weekly online consults with Rashmi, she was able to build her listening skills and how to communicate and connect with her team .

She now thoroughly enjoys her managerial position and is preparing for middle management roles.


Group Coaching

Something amazing happens when like minded people with a common objective come together .

This powerful experience is made live, in Rashmi's Group Caching Programs.

Most of people come in to program, where they want to present confidently in interviews, at work and in even in their business.

At the end of 12 weeks, they are not only confident, but are now most commonly looking at volunteering & monetising their newly acquired skills

Meet Mehar & Rehab they joined the "Become a Confident Leaders Program with Rashmi Watel and our now best friends.

Rehab is now an Empowerment coach for women & Mehar is excelling in her managerial role in one of best Law firms in India


Face to Face Coaching 

Asking for help is sometimes the hardest thing to do, I understand .

These sessions are for those of you, who are not very comfortable in a group setting .

Most of people opt for 1-1 coaching are middle to senior management in organisations or run their own business , they want to get over their fear of public speaking so that they can excel in their jobs or grow their business, as they can now talk freely to everyone about it.

At the end of 24 weeks, they are already  monetising their newly acquired skills

Meet Dave he joined the "Get Paid to Speak Program with Rashmi Watel in Oct 2020

He is now a Public speaking coach for Spanish people in his home country Chile .

He also speaks at events and conferences globally.


What Other Are Saying

I attended Rashmi's webinar on "How to entice your audience on Zoom" In one hour she shared so many golden nuggets. I  am so very happy with my  progress, I highly recommend her workshops to anyone who is struggling in the online space - Jim

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