In this page, you will find articles written by Rashmi, her past speeches in different capacities as a master of ceremonies, panel discussion moderator, workshop curator etc. She has played these roles at various platforms  including but not limited to Tedx, Toastmasters, several exclusive & public forums .You will also find her story, her guest appearance in talk shows, podcasts , her video messages , tips on becoming a better public speaker - basically all her work that will inspire you to take action in your life.

In this article Rashmi shares her thoughts on women empowerment.Why in this time and age, do we still need to empwer women ? What do empowered women bring to the table?


Rashmi is very passionate about raising awareness about mental health, in this article, she shares her own journey as an immigrant in Australia, and how she took care of her mental health issues to achieve various milestones in her professional & personal  life


Best 2 min and 1 sec  you will ever spend, this video may inspire you.

This is where it all began in 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic.

While the world was struggling, this mum of two was preparing to launch her business.

To all of you women (from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds) out there, this one is for you !

Its an empowerment hour show - Rashmi was keynote guest and a panellist.

About the host : Win Charles,  has Cerebral Palsy and a few other health conditions, yet how she lives her life is so inspirational.

It was an honour and privilege to be invited to her show  ( show is very popular in the US and has a 6 month waitlist to be a guest speaker)

In this talk, rashmi address more than 100 women from different ethnic backgrounds and takes them on journey to help find them their own happiness !

In this virtual talk, Rashmi address a global audience. She shares practical tips and tools on how can we stay happy and focused in the pandemic situation

In this talk show, Rashmi discusses with Henrietta from Hungary, who works for an Aged care centre and the residents speak 57 different languages how the pandemic has changed the world we live in and how resilience plays an important role in survival

Rashmi's mini talk was the one of the 10 talks which were selected and was played live at the virtual event in Dec 2020

There were thousands of applicants and the talk needed to be 30 -45 sec with a message for your audience.

In this talk, Rashmi gives her audience laughter therapy !

In this short video, Rashmi shares very simple , yet practical tips to reduces your fear of public speaking

Rashmi ran the entire event single handily, introducing the eminent members of the community such as Mr. Bimal Kaul President KPP and several other respectable community leaders

Rashmi is a master communicator, she particularly excels in the art of impromptu speaking. She has one several competitions (this was an online competition- that she WON!)

In this video Rashmi shares  how Entrepreneurial  journey was driven by her circumstances.

In the constant struggle to adjust and be the best daughter, sister, friend , girl friend, partner / wife and mum: We Women lose our identity so many times that we learn to derive our happiness from the happiness of our parents, kids, husband or partner, brother  or other friends and family members.Happiness which is our birth right, we as women give it up voluntarily.

A lot of societal issues arise due to this act of self- sacrifice.

It’s time that we should learn that self - love is not selfish. We need to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of others around us !

Pursuit of happiness should not be a side dish.Its time to make it part of the main course.

Rashmi ran this workshop for Sakhi : A women support group. She discussed on how to decide which business should one run. The mindset of an Entrepreneur. Sharing detailed  Alongside  practical examples such as Family day care , coaching/consulting  and party planning businesses.

Rashmi enjoys being a panel discussion moderator, as much as she enjoys being a speaker. In this scenario, she designed the questions and this panel discussion replaced the speeches by these three district officers .Rashmi received great appreciation for her talent

Rashmi was the Master of ceremonies for this huge symposium organised by the Mental Health Foundation of Australia