Her energy as a speaker is infectious and she instantly creates a rapport with her audience

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A research based study identified the three main challenges faced by employees from non-native English speaking backgrounds (multicultural backgrounds)

  1. Dealing with the English overwhelm
  2. Fear of being silenced or saying something wrong in meetings
  3. Managing the cultural barriers


Improving the "Efficiency" and "Engagement" of your multicultural staff





(for non-native English speakers)

Rashmi is an energetic speaker who connects well with her audience

She presents with confidence & poise and teaches her audience to do the same

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Meet Rashmi Watel

Migrating from India, Rashmi has set up home and business in Australia

Despite being qualified as an engineer and having an MBA, she found it difficult to achieve a sense of acceptance in a new cultural environment that is not user friendly to non-native English-speaking people.

Rashmi uses this personal experience as the passionate motivation to help empower people from diverse backgrounds to achieve self-belief and confidence at work and in the community.

She gets the best out of your multicultural staff

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