Front of Room Fun ( Public Speaking classes for Children)

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School holiday workshops for Children

$49/ half day * Early bird pricing applicable
  • 9Am for 9:30Am/12:30PM for a1PM Morning & Afternoon slots available
  • Full Day Workshops available
  • Game 1 : Tell me about the picture Concept Covered : The art of storytelling
  • Game 2 : What is in the bag ? Concept Covered : Impromptu speaking
  • Game 3 : Choose one - Origami Creation Concept Covered : Thought clarity which helps with structuring the content of the speech
  • Game 4 : Monkey See Monkey Do Concept Covered : Active listening skills
  • Game 6 : Who am I ?:learn to talk about yourself, helps with introduction speeches & Conversational skills

Weekly Online Classes for children

$17/half an hour *Fees paid per school term
  • Online classes Sunday 10:30 - 11 Am or 11-11:30 Am
  • Full hour class available
  • Full hour class available

Trial Public Speaking classes

Free * Obligation free Trial class
  • Great to see if your child likes to learn public speaking
  • Assesment report shared after the class
  • Online & In Person classes available

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