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Anna P

I had the pleasure of working with Rashmi in an 1-1 coaching format. I was struggling with self confidence issues and I also felt the fear of judgement all the time, Rashmi reminded me of my worth and confirmed with solid reasons why there is no need to be fearful.

She also shared take away points which I agree with 100%~ Anna


Abeer Shah

I was part of Rashmi's group coaching program "Get Paid to Speak - with Rashmi Watel"

The energy in the group was always high, Rashmi's program goes in to the details of making a business out of speaking

I am so very happy with my  progress, I highly recommend people who are keen on getting paid for their public speaking skills to get on board with Get Paid to Speak - with Rashmi Watel

~ Abeer


Jimmi Chong

I attended Rashmi's webinar on "How to entice your audience on Zoom" In one hour she shared so many golden nuggets. I  am so very happy with my  progress, I highly recommend her workshops to anyone who is struggling in the online space - Jimi

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