Welcome to the world of Rashmi

Rashmi with her technical background has worked in the corporate world for close to two decades. Her entrepreneurial journey was totally driven by her circumstances. After 2 failed businesses she is now pursuing her passion in Public speaking. She not only speaks herself; she teaches and empowers others to become confident speakers as well.

Rashmi’s favourite topic – “happiness of women” ?

In the constant struggle to adjust and be the best daughter, sister, friend , girl friend, partner / wife and mum: We Women lose our identity so many times that we learn to derive our happiness from the happiness of our parents, kids, husband or partner, brother  or other friends and family members.Happiness which is our birth right, we as women give it up voluntarily.

A lot of societal issues arise due to this act of self- sacrifice.

It’s time that we should learn that self – love is not selfish. We need to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of others around us !

Pursuit of happiness should not be a side dish.Its time to make it part of the main course.

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